Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Allen County

Project Title
Addressing Diaper Need in Allen County

Awarded Amount $75,500

Primary Health Areas


Kim Trombley
Executive Director & Deaconess


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Get to Know Addressing Diaper Needs in Allen County

Program Overview

We provide diapers at quarterly health fairs throughout the year. Diapers are packages as bundles of 20 diapers per pack, plus a pack of wipes. Additionally, people can connect with the organization through Facebook for supplemental diapers.

Through our close partnerships with other organizations we have also offered:

  • Fresh fruits and veggies
  • Blankets and other seasonally appropriate items
  • Books
  • Blood pressure and blood glucose screenings
  • Music programs for kids

Need in the Community

Diaper need is a health equity issue that 1 in 3 families face. It’s generally due to cost which limits access so it’s important that we have supplemental diaper packs for families in poverty who are struggling. We noticed during COVID that there were even greater types of needs. Before COVID most of the families we served were single parent households, during COVID we had more 2 parent households in need of our services. We also saw more dads come in for diapers.

When people come in to get diapers we do not ask for any documentation of their income. We want it to be a pure access point; we just ask that you bring your child with you. Our main goals outside of providing the actual diapers are to reduce stigma for those who are receiving our help and make sure everyone who comes in knows that they will be treated as an equal and treated with dignity. We treat all people as equals, we have had a number of people who have received diapers from us who offer to volunteer. Not everyone is able to make a donation but they can help to package diapers, which also provides more dignity as well. It’s not an us vs them, it’s a we. We are in this together as a community.