Prior to submitting a grant, Inspiration Ministries planned. The plans grew into a multi-year strategic plan with a focus on short, mid and long term range goals. With a solid strategic plan, Inspiration Ministries research funders and aligned funding strategies and submitted multiple grants to IN Together We Will. Their strategic approach paired with intentional funder and funding selection led Inspiration Ministries four successful IN Together We Will grant awards.

Holistic Evolution is innovative in their approach to both youth mentorship and sparking dialogue surrounding a number of public health issues in Lake County through its Barbershop Talks series and training barbers as community health workers. Holistic Evolution’s intentional community approaches in existing community places of convening paired with trained clinicians and mental health practitioners brings mental health access to African-American men across Lake County.

Shepherd’s Hand is a testament to the importance of serving community members with dignity, humility. and compassion. Their family centric model allows them to engage the recipients to not only feel comfortable in asking for help but feeling empowered to become involved in paying it forward however they can. Shepherd’s hand focuses on supporting pregnant and parenting women and is very creative in connecting with women; Shepherd’s Hand staff has a true understanding in walking each woman’s path and lending gentle observation to guide care (versus the more common surveying to care approach).

New Hope Services takes a unique approach to addressing structural and systemic barriers in their community podcasts and recorded panel discussions as a means of engaging people in difficult conversations surrounding equity in southern Indiana. Cultural humility requires a willingness to listen. New Hope Services tackles tough topics with community relevance and individual resonance.

Peace Restored is a woman centered, non-profit therapeutic services organization that is  “dedicated to helping women find hope and healing from difficult life experiences, which may include childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, hopelessness, emotional abuse, and young widowhood.”

Amani Family Services is a non-profit organization that provides mental health and navigation services via: victim care, family support programming, community support programming and substance use support to immigrant and refugee populations in the Allen County area.