Watch Sunny Lu Williams, Founder & President of Techserv, and Melanie Cline, Director of Purdue HealthCare Advisors discuss the impact of IN Together We Will to communities, businesses and employers.

Watch Antoniette Holt, Strategic Equity Officer of Office of Minority Health, Indiana Department of Health, provide a overview of National Cultural Linguistic Appropriate Services in context of how to best address health inequities for disparate and marginalized populations of color and indigenous people.

NIH-funded study highlights the financial toll of health disparities in the United States

Ground-breaking study provides national and state-level estimates of the economic burden of health disparities by race and ethnicity and educational levels.

INTWW Grantees to Present at the 2023 Minority Health Partners Conference

MHP’s 2023 Conference will showcase the Indiana Together We Will Mini Grant Program on Wednesday, September 20th. registration required to attend. Click button for details.

Community Resilience Estimates

Learn more about the Community Resilience Estimates (CRE) data products and tools from the United States Census Bureau.

Discussion with Andrea Freeman, Author of Skimmed

Discover the fascinating tale of the Fultz quadruplets in “Skimmed” as author delves into the impact of historical breastfeeding beliefs and policies on infant feeding options. This engaging discussion unveils the concept of food oppression.