Located in City, Indiana

Morgan County

Project Title
Counseling and Internship Program

Awarded Amount $74,948

Primary Health Areas

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Watch to hear how Peace Restored, Inc. is adapting to support communities in need in post-COVID-19 society.

Get to Know Peace Restored

Peace Restored is a woman centered, non-profit therapeutic services organization that is  “dedicated to helping women find hope and healing from difficult life experiences, which may include childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, hopelessness, emotional abuse, and young widowhood.” They employ licensed counselors who offer a variety of services that clients can choose from to tailor their mental health journey to their needs  including (but not limited to) individualized counseling, group therapy and educational classes. While it is based in Mooresville – Peace Restored has taken great advantage of the increased demand for telehealth services in the post-COVID era to reach clients locally, nationally and even globally.
In our interview, we gain further insight into Peace Restored with executive director and founder Ann Madison who shares the story of how they came to be as an organization, their fundraising efforts, expanding their client base internationally and their impressive capturing and documentation of information in a system similar to a medical record.